I’ve had Apple devices but by no means am I an Apple fanboy. So I’ll cut straight to the chase. What’s the deal with these new MacBook Pros?!

I’ve been waiting for the release of the new model for a while now. Buying a dated machine seemed a bit pointless when the brand new, upgraded one was about to be introduced to the global market very soon.

Here it is. Brand new. Pro. It weighs 3 pounds and is under 15mm thick. The trackpad is 50% larger. The display is brighter, with a better contrast ration and displays more colours. And finally the one feature that makes it different than the aged model – an OLED toolbar. Oh what a breakthrough I say rolling my eyes.

4 thunderbolt 3 usb type c ports (hands up who uses USB-C or owns at least one device compatible with USB-C standard), that can be used for charging. Magsafe charger – removed. The 3,5mm jack is still here but there’s no lightning port.

No SD slot. ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS rely on SD cards – that’s the industry standard for data storage during photo sessions. You put SD cards into your camera. No alternatives. You’ll say – hey you can always get a third party reader with an adapter to match the brand new USB-C port. No biggie until you forget your reader, or lose it, or it breaks, or you lose the adapter, or it breaks. You can also pay extra for a reader that comes with a USB-C cable as a standard. UGH!

Coming from a company that preaches user friendly design and ergonomics – this is a blow below the belt.

Oh they never mentioned that the only new, cool feature the new MB Pro offers – the touch bar – doesn’t come free of charge.
Entry level 13in (without the touch bar) – £1449
Entry level 13in (with the touch bar) – £1749
Entry level 15in £2349 and up.

To sum up – it’s stunning, light and portable but needs adapters to make it functional.

Does Macbook Pro still have that magic touch?
F**k no.

Till the next time!
Radek Makar: Photomagician