Why did I change my instagram business account back to personal

You guyzzzz, I’ve been ill for the last week. I’ve spent a lot of time checking the stats of my instagram posts and trying to understand why it is, that my instagram posts don’t seem to reach as many people as they used to, so to take my mind off the manflu (no one seems to appreciate what a man feels like when he has a fever), let’s talk Instagram.

Instagram business account

Instagram as a platform has undergone quite a few major changes lately. From changing its algorithm, that means that the newest post don’t necessarily pop up first in your feed (yep, they get sorted based on what Instagram believes is “most relevant” for you), through the introduction of Instagram Stories, 60sec long videos to its business accounts.

What’s been happening to my posts is no coincidence. After having spent hours thinking what it is that triggered the sharp decline in my photos’ popularity I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s not because my photos are getting gradually worse (phew). It’s because I’ve changed my account from a personal one to a business one.

Hey, if it’s a feature aimed at businesses, business owners surely benefit from making that change you’ll say. Well, maybe, to some extent. What suits one business does not necessarily suit another. It’s like with running your business from home vs from your office. What suits one person, won’t suit another (read more here).

One of the most powerful features this business update provides is the CONTACT button, which customers can tap to get a phone number or be redirected to my website. Now, show me one person who enjoys seeing that “do you want to open this link in safari” pop up message. It’s a wonderful feature but I don’t think its cost outweighs the advantage it provides. Oh have I mentioned the feature that lets me promote my posts and force them into your feed by simply paying for it? I’m impressed how easy it is these days. So with all these great things within my reach, what is the cost of them all? In simple terms if I change into a business, in Instagram’s mind I’m changing the status of my account being indexed as YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY to BUSINESS and hey… FRAMILY COMES FIRST!

Till the next time!
Radek Makar: Photomagician