My style

The wedding photography industry is full of buzzwords. I’m sure you’ve heard photographers’ styles described as airy, documentary, photojournalistic, fine art, traditional, adventurous, dark and moody, editorial etc.

I find it very difficult to explain my style with so few words which is why I’ll do it in two ways for you – using what others have said about it.

To the right, you’ll see a list of 20 most popular keywords that my clients and peers described my style with in a poll earlier this year.

Below I’ve quoted what Junebug Weddings described my style when I was chosen to join their list of Scotland’s Best Wedding Photographers.

#epic #unique #inspiring #emotional #atmospheric #stunning #incredible #contemplative #artistic #abstract #moody #warm #ethereal #exhilarating #incredible #dramatic #magic #marvellous #peaceful #masterful


Best Scotland Wedding Photographers

Scotland weddings are a thing of dreams. With undeniably gorgeous highlands, cozy historical towns, and beautiful cultural traditions to draw inspiration from, it’s easy to see why Scottish celebrations are some of our very favorites to see. If you’re planning your own dreamy Scotland wedding, you’ll want an incredible photographer by your side to capture every magical moment!

Radek tells visual stories of adventurous couples that last a lifetime. His approach is quiet, yet always observant of the emotions, details and moments happening behind the scenes. Using his signature film-like, vintage, and moody edits, he maintains the integrity of each fleeting memory while turning them into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Junebug Weddings 2019

My Approach

While my style is a description of the final product, my approach is the way you will experience my presence at your wedding.

Photojournalism // Fine Art // Editorial

Captured in an unobtrusive way

I have a bit of a hybrid approach to wedding photography. Most of the day is covered in a photojournalistic manner – I capture your whole day in an unobtrusive way and make sure all those candid moments make it into your gallery.

Elements of bridal prep, details and couples portraits are covered in a combo of fine art and editorial style. It’s this part that allows me to shoot freely and over the top. That’s how you get all the edgy and sexy photos. I don’t do heavy post-processing, but I do shoot with a certain vision in mind. Every moment I capture has a potential to be a standalone piece and tell a short story.

The secret ingredient to it all is a touch of moody and dramatic editing, the use of shadows, negative space, reflections and other creative techniques.

If you are looking for an artistic, interesting perspective of your wedding day, hit me up and let’s get chatting about your wedding day. I want to know everything about your plans and ideas!