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Below you will find answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions.


What is your pricing?

I can completely understand wanting to find pricing information without having to ask. My rates and collections aren’t listed for public information for a variety of reasons. First of all, they vary by location –  I cover all of the UK, Europe and the World. Some weddings require travel and the travel fees wouldn’t be included in the basic, local wedding rate. Destination weddings are different too. I would also create custom collections for my clients that include a second photographer, different album options and so on. It’s something that I can absolutely do for you! If you’d like to obtain a quote or some more details about my work, simply drop me an email and I will reply with all the information that you need ASAP.


What style of wedding photography do you do?

I would describe it as a very journalistic style but wouldn’t like to limit my work by a “genre”. I’m very hands-off and unobtrusive in my coverage of the day and I believe that there is a time and place for gorgeous, casually posed images of the bride and groom together. So while I won’t stop you and make you pose while cutting the cake, I would like about an hour to an hour and a half alone with you both (if possible) sometime during the day to create some images of you without your wedding party or guests looking on.

I also believe strongly in preserving all of the details of the wedding: from your cake to your shoes, so my work is very flush with detail images. My images of the guests at the wedding are almost 100% journalistic and I won’t stop entire tables at the reception and make them pose for “table shots”, preferring instead to capture them laughing, smiling, dancing, drinking, and having a great time.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes I do. You can book it if you wish, however depending on availability it is either myself or one of my associates who will take care of it. You can read more about it HERE

Do you still take posed family photos?

Of course! I believe in those family images, as they are records of your entire family at an important time in their history together. A few weeks before the wedding I will send you a questionnaire covering the details of the day and among the other questions is a list of posed images – these are the family groupings that I would traditionally cover. You will have space to write in your own groupings. Please keep in mind that my style is journalistic and real-time and a very long list of posed images will hinder my ability to cover the event in a documentary manner. I suggest between 10-15 groupings in mostly informal setting to make this part of the day as quick, easy and enjoyable as possible.

Can we give you a list of photographs we want you to take?

“Shot lists” provided by many major bridal magazines are a great idea, but please understand that I generally will capture those images without prompting. Having me work off a checklist will result in a lesser amount of documentary coverage and more time spent rounding up guests to check the groupings off of a list.

Travel & Coverage

Where do you live and how far can you travel?

I am currently based in two cities – London, most of the week and Aberdeen, often over weekends. I travel a lot and no destination is too far for me.

Are you the only photographer?

Yes I am. Depending on the environment I often work with second shooters, videographers and/or assistants.

Can we get the black and white images in colour?

No, you cannot. Images in black and white are only available in black and white. Each image is edited separately, and having each image in both versions would double the editing time. If you would like more color images and less black and white images in your coverage please let me know before the wedding is photographed.

Do you edit the images before we get them? All of them? How?

Yes I do. Every picture you receive has been manually edited to the highest quality. I aso choose a few favourite shots and bring them beyond the individual editing.

How many pictures will we get?

The number of photographs taken depends on many things – the number of guests, hours of coverage, etc. The average for a wedding is 600-700.

How long does it take to get our images?

As I don’t use third-party retouchers and post-process all images on my own, it takes up to 6 weeks for the online gallery to become available and up to 8 weeks to receive printed proofs and digital files. Upon final approval of album designs most albums are ready for delivery within 10 weeks.

Can we see the outtakes?

Unfortunately, no. The images delivered to you are very loosely edited, taking out only eyes-closed, flash-didn’t-fire, person-walked-in-front-of-the-lens true outtakes. If there are a handful of images of you together with your mom laughing we’re going to include everything that isn’t an absolute duplicate and so forth. Please know that when “editing” we’re not striving to hit some number of images to deliver and throwing out “good” pictures. The images not selected are not archived and therefore not available.

Do we get the negatives?

I provide the selected, edited high-resolution digital files (the digital equivalent of negatives). When the files are released to you, I will provide you with a list of resources from which to get quality prints if you so desire. I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on. If you need we are glad to provide you with a written release that will allow you to make unlimited personal reproductions and copies for your friends and families.

Do we get the raw, unedited files?

No, these files are not available for viewing or purchase. This is very much like asking your caterer to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect our very high standards and everything else is not archived in the studio.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes I do.

What will my album look like?

You have two choices – A modern book, where the images are printed directly onto the pages, much like in a coffeetable book you’d buy at the bookstore or high quality prints in a presentation box.

Business Details

Do you have Public Liability insurance?


Do you have backup gear?


What kind of equipment do you use?

I use Nikon equipment (2x D750) and extensive backups. I also use a variety of prime and zoom lenses although my go to lenses are 14mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8.

Can you hold a date for me?

To be fair to everyone I can’t hold a date without a retainer and a signed contract. I accept bookings on a first come-first serve basis.

How does the payment schedule look like?

I ask for 30% of the total fee as a deposit to secure the date and the remaining balance falls due a week before your big day.

Can we pay a part of the amount after the wedding?

Unfortunately no, I require full payment before the event.

If we run overtime will you stay?

Yes, of course.

Do you offer discounts for off-peak weddings?

Yes I do, depending on my schedule. Please contact me for more details.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

It would be really lovely if you did. It doesn’t have to be the same as your sit-down meal (many caterers offer “vendor meals” as an add-on option) but feeding me ensures I stay cheerful, mobile, and that I don’t faint from starvation or waste away in a very tragic manner. We prefer to be fed when you are fed, not afterwards. When you are eating you are not at your most photogenic. This way we also finish eating the same time as you do, which means we can resume coverage as soon as you are finished with your meal!

Can our family and guests take pictures with their cameras?

Of course they can, however ask they not swarm the family photographs right away to keep all eyes looking into my camera on your images.
Other cameras are welcome during dancing, cake cutting, and other events. I will just ask politely if people could please not push me out of the way and respect my presence.

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