Coo Cathedral Wedding Photographer Review

Coo Cathedral Wedding Venue Review
Coo Cathedral Wedding Venue Review

Fantastic and Intriguing Venue

Coo Cathedral is a fantastic and intriguing wedding venue in Aboyne Castle Estate, Aboyne, Scotland.

Needless to say, it occupies one of the most stunning parts of the county – the Royal Deeside. It’s an area even the Queen spends her summers nearby – in the Balmoral Estate.

Coo Cathedral barely market themselves and yet are always in demand. The “Cathedral” is in fact a cow shed conversion provided to their customers as blank canvas. With space up to 400 guests it can be turned around into a work of imagination and be a perfect match for the most demanding couples.

Imagine high ceilings, wooden beams spanning across the full structure, huge windows providing plenty of daylight and enough space to fit both a large party space and a chapel into the same room. Stunning.

Wedding Themes

I’ve seen a number of themes hosted within these walls, from Scandinavian minimalism, through rock n’roll, boho to proper Celtic celebrations where the couple was sent down the isle with traditional Celtic blessing which goes something along the lines of “May you have walls for the wind 
and a roof for the rain,
 and drinks beside the fire. Laughter to cheer you
 and those you love near you. 
And all that your heart may desire.”

A word of most positive warning – the weddings are always “blank canvas” weddings. You need to provide everything yourself, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING – including heating. Although it is wind and water tight, the buildings size and age means occasional leaks and drafts, which is why their wedding season lasts from April to October only.

Guest Accommodation at the Venue

Accommodation-wise – there is no guest space at the venue, however both the Coo Cathedral and the nearby castle sit on an estate in the heart of the village of Aboyne, where you will find a range of lovely B&Bs and hotels. Banchory is also a short drive away and can provide a perfect accommodation back-up plan.

I’ll leave you with some wedding photos I’ve taken at Coo Cathedral.

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