I had been thinking about taking an autoportrait with a winter-like feel since early Autumn. Then one evening I sat down with G&T in my hand and realised that Bombay Sapphire make the bluest bottles of them all. Winter is cold. Blue is a cold colour. I peeled the labels off the bottle, stuffed the bottle with fairy lights and oh boy, it made for the coolest lamp ever.
Some fairy lights in the background, big coat with a huge, furry hood on my back. I’m ready for winter.


The picture was decent but needed an extra cool kick to it. So I went for the standard skin edit, dodge & burn, eye enhancement and played with colour toning. ET VOILA.

Would you like to see what the process looks like step after step? Here’s a little video summary:

Till the next time!
Radek Makar: Photomagician


What do your shoot with

Hey Matt! This one was taken with Nikon D610 + Nikkor 50mm f1.8D