Schivas House Wedding Photographer

Where it all started – Pre-wedding shoot at Schivas House

Seonaidh and Thomas met with me a few weeks before the wedding. In fact, we had an engagement shoot there first. That was my first time on the grounds of Schivas House. House of Schivas is an L-plan tower house, dating from the 16th century, about three miles east of Methlick. It sits in the valley of the River Ythan, in Scotland.

Not only was I lucky enough to have the first ever pre-wedding shoot there with Seonaidh and Thomas but bagged the first wedding too – how exciting, EEEEK! I prepared a solid plan for the wedding wen we were walking around the estate, chatting and taking engagement photos. We knew the places we wanted to go to on the day. We talked about how we’ll work the building on the day, the light and how we’d tackle all obstacles that could pop up on the day.

The wedding day at Schivas House

On the day of the wedding I arrived to Schivas House on the morning of the wedding. Some of my plans had to be re-addressed straight away. The weather had changed and there was no indication of sun ever planning to come out to say hi to us. I improvised a little, fought with challenging lighting conditions and later on when the weather cleared up a little even managed to take some photos outside. All in all, as if by magic the weather, the darkness, the narrow corridors of the building, they all came out perfectly in the photos.  I got the slightly eerie, romantic feel of the venue that we were all aiming for.

Seonaidh and Thomas were a perfect couple to photograph. They were easy going, wouldn’t say no to anything. And their wedding party – stars. I enjoyed every minute that day.

If you’re curious what House of Schivas holds for you, if you’d like to follow the footsteps of S+T on their wedding day please keep scrolling. Furthermore, if you are looking for a Schivas House Wedding Photographer, you are in the right place. The photos below are a perfect example of how I work in the venue.

If you scroll deep enough you’ll also find a few surprises that will suck you right in and take you back to this wonderful wedding day.

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