House of Schivas Wedding Photographer

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

House of Schivas is an L-plan tower house, dating from the 16th century, about three miles east of Methlick, in the valley of the River Ythan, in Scotland. Not only was I lucky enough to have the first ever pre-wedding shoot there with Seonaidh and Thomas but I’ll be also the first photographer to do a wedding there, outside of family – how exciting, EEEEK!

I met Seonaidh and Thomas in their beautiful cottage in the shire early in the morning. We shared a cup of tea, talked about the upcoming wedding, went through all the bits and bobs that will soon help turn their big day into pure magic. There’s nothing quite like knowing from the minute you meet your clients that you will click, you will get great photos because your personalities are a good match and because the two of them love each other to bits.

S+T had this quiet, endearing fire between them and they definitely knew how special their connection was. Damn, it shows. Just flick through photos above and see yourself!

If you are planning your wedding and are looking for a great venue, House of Schivas is certainly one to consider! Take it from a House of Schivas Wedding Photographer!

If you are interested in seeing the photos from the wedding day, click HERE.