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Intimate or with 200 guests, in the windy hills of Isle of Sky or tropical forest of Bali, wearing a dress by Vera Wang or by your mum, a boy and a girl or a boy and a boy... It makes no difference to me.
All I care about is love.

scotland wedding photographer

Hi I'm Radek

I'm so happy you've made it here!

I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer who works out of Scotland and London. I provide award winning wedding photography all around the world – from the cold an inaccessible places such as Iceland and the Faroe Islands, through Europe’s best such as Sardinia or Croatia to tropical paradise islands like the Maldives, Seychelles or Zanzibar. In 2019 only I’ve visited 15 countries!

If you are a couple of adventurous souls looking to get married in one of the most beautiful parts of the Planet Earth, and need a photographer to share this adventure with – you are in the right place.

There may not always be a happy ending fairytale which is why I treasure the ones I see. I’m an old school romantic. This world needs more people who love deeply, are not afraid to make commitments and snap out of the emotionally crippling culture of the XXI century.

You’ve chosen to write a meaningful story together and it’s a wonderful reason to celebrate.


Let’s be friends!

BEST OF 2019

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography inspired by cinema


Press & Accolades

In 2019 I've had the honour to be added to Junebug's World’s Best Wedding Photographers and make it into the list of best Scottish Wedding Photographers!

Here's what they said about my work:

"Radek is the creative soul behind Photomagician, telling visual stories of adventurous couples to last a lifetime. Using his signature film-like, vintage, and moody edits, he maintains the integrity of each fleeting memory while turning them into a one-of-a-kind piece of art, allowing you to cherish and admire them for years to come."

Some of My
2019 Destinations


Save 20% OFF any collection

I’ve been inspired to be more eco-friendly in day to day life more than ever in 2019. In 2020, I wish to take this attitude and have a positive influence on the people I work with when shooting Destination Weddings.

You may not have thought about weddings through the prism of the impact they have on the environment. The truth is – the have a huge one. The amount of waste coming out of every single wedding is enormous – from clothes you wear, through packaging for the food and drinks you consume, the gifts, the accessories, the decorations, to the food that’s left over after you and your guests leave the venue. This is even more so applicable to Destination Weddings.

There are so many simple, cost-effective ways of turning your Destination Wedding into a more sustainable one, and I will encourage you to do it. Of course change is not easy and usually comes at a sacrifice, which is why I will be happy to sacrifice 20% of my Destination Wedding Photography fee if you can show me THREE ways that you’re being environmentally conscious. It can be as simple as donating your leftover food and flowers. Every little helps!

"My photos are a mix of your personality, my ideas and the beautiful world around us.
I want to make sure we preserve the environment for future generations" - Radek Makar: Photomagician, Destination Wedding Photographer

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