Photomagician videographer

I’m proud to welcome Pav to the Photomagician family as the videographer in chief. I tried to brand him Videomagician (you know, since I’m the Photomagician) but he strongly opposed…

P’s an experienced, Aberdeen based videographer with background in freelance and corporate work. Having worked as a designer and videographer for Wood Group, he brings vast technical expertise and artistic approach that if anything, will push our joined projects further than ever before. He’s also a photographer and although he uses Canon equipment (while I’m totally a Nikon guy), you’ll sometimes see him working as the second shooter.

Pav focuses on emotions, details and those fine moments that pop up every now and then and disappear before most people have a chance to catch them. He’s always there, waiting, ready to zoom in and capture them for your viewing pleasure.

On the technical side, he always aims to achieve the point of view of a guest, someone who was right there with you, in the middle of action, celebrating. No place is too high up, no cupboard is too tiny. He strives to cut the artificial light to minimum working with beautiful, flattering, natural light using professional Canon equipment.

Stay tuned for the first Highlight video of 2017!

Till the next time!
Radek Makar: Photomagician