It was another wedding Pav and I shot as a team – one video-man, one photographer. We met up with Laura and Paul a week before the big day to shoot the pre-wedding which you can see by clicking HERE. That’s when we realised that we were going to spend the wedding day the following Friday with two of the most chilled out, lovely individuals we’ve ever worked with. Then Pav had to do some oil&gas work stuffs, I went to London for a few days and then the following Friday…

Rise and shine! Pav’s in Paul’s house, I’m entering Norwood Hall for some prep photos. The girls are getting ready, the food’s on the table, the oh so beautiful Louboutin’s are waiting to be taken out for photos. Yep, the day’s gonna be absolutely ACE! The photos tell the story so please keep scrolling!

PS. You guys are AMAZING and it was a pleasure being a part of your day!

PPS. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them <3