9th June 2018

Amy & Ollie

I woke up early Sunday morning to drive out to Brechin where I was meeting Amy & Ollie. Got lost, found my way, crashed breakfast in casa del Amy’s folks. Not a bad way to start a day!

Kinnaird Estate was where A+O used to hang out after coming back from Uni in Aberdeen (both graduated from RGU – my Alma Mater!) so it made sense to take a walk and capture the spirit of their love just in the place that had seen their early steps as a couple. We climbed some fences, I ran through stingy nettles trying to take a photo or two. Ouch ouch ouch!

We wrapped things up just in time for them to head off to Glasgow for good ol’ Ed Sheeran’s concert. Now all we have to look forward to is their big day at Drumtochty Castle!

To be continued…