Anna & ChrisLondon Cinematographers

We are Anna & Chris., and we are cinematographers and lovers on a lifelong adventure together. We’ve always dreamt of creating beautiful movies. We love people, we love being in touch with people, we love travelling all around the world, great food, delicious coffee and the sound of waves hitting the shore! We can’t imagine any other way of living than this.

We believe that your trust in our capabilities combined with our style and keen eyes will result in the most beautiful filmed stories. We aim to capture feelings, emotions, happiness, love and everything around you that makes your big day something special. We want to record a fascinating story told through the way you move, the way you dress and the way your day runs. We want to create something that will survive the test of time and will trigger the same emotions in 20 years as it will the first time you see it.

We are both young creatives. We adore weddings – to us each one of them is different. We believe that no two couples are the same and it’s clear when you watch our movies. in our coverage we are very discrete – we are not a part of the action, we merely capture it hiding in the shadows. We do not want to disrupt one of the most important days of your lives.

We are big on journalistic approach to all assignments. We don’t follow a script and we do not ask you to act anything out. We love details and we know how much time it takes to string a wedding together. Our film will reflect all that hard work.

We would love to work with you and look forward to hearing from you!

PS. We hope you’ll enjoy the next few minutes scrolling through our latest productions!